Hey stranger

You lead a life that I don’t know of

You pace on paths that may never have existed for me

You make choices that I might not agree to

But I still feel for you

And I still know you

Because, I do know me

And I do know the challenges that life has thrown out to me

And yours if not more aren’t any less than mine

That I’m sure of

Perhaps I am as non existent to you as you are to me

But I still think for you

And I still pray for you

Because from what I know there are more of highs than lows in this rollercoaster that we are all ridding

Each of different colour and at different speeds

But all looking for the same destination.

Just a gentle reminder to anyone who might be going through a difficult time ,to never give up on hope and keep believing!❤️

Until Then

The boxes were loaded

And cars kept ready

Goodbyes were said

While tears were shed

Now is the time to pack away

With sadness and with care

But someday we’ll meet

Someday not that far away

A someday where I’m wise

And a tad bit more poised

But until then you have all of my wishes and prayers with you

With hope that you find for what you’re looking through

I know you’ll be there

When in doubt and in despair

And when there’s no one else to care

I know that you’ll be there

To take care of the wounds that I can’t bare

When I am left with no tear to spare

And I feel like life ain’t fair

I know that you’ll be there

To tell me that it’s okay

That life can sometimes be gray

You’ll make me wear a smile

And send all of my nightmares on an exile

Then with love at me you’ll stare

And make me aware of the power of a prayer

You’ll tell me that you believe

That there are blessings for me to receive

You’ll put my fears at ease

And make me feel at peace

I know that you will be there

And against all the odds we will fare

From where I stand

Where do I stand?

A question that lingers in my mind.

Where do I stand?

A question aged into a statement now.

Where do I stand?

A quest in search of a lost identity.

An answer to all that has happened and all that awaits.

For all that’s said and for all that’s fed,

For all those buzz inside my head.

For all those fears and unending tears,

For all those achievements to mean at all.

All i need is a simple answer ,

That will work as an enhancer.

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